Shan Retractable Awnings

Coast Blinds & Shutters are proud to offer the Shan awning, from the Rollease Acmeda range of retractable awnings.

SHAN is a state-of-the-art of the cassette awning. When it comes to your home, you need a cassette awning that works perfectly and provides shade, without compromising the aesthetic line. SHAN satisfies these requirements and fully integrates with the architecture. SHAN - no compromise on performance, no compromise on design.

Because of its marked shape and design, SHAN can only be installed on a wall and is purely a motorised option. It is a furnishing object that matches aesthetic and functionality. SHAN's groundbreaking design includes the D.T.S. system (Dynamic Tipping System). This system allows the tipping of the support when the awning is retracting, maintaining a perfect closure of the cassette. The special gasket along the whole terminal profile makes the awning watertight, and delivers a silent closure.

A single section is up to 7 meters with and can reach a 4.15 meter projection; it can be coupled up to 10 meters with one single fabric.