Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters have long been the choice of commercial and high-end architects, for their strength and aesthetic presence. Coast Blinds & Shutters’ Weatherwell collection of aluminium shutters now brings these favourites into the domestic setting, changing homes and home living.

Supreme ease of maintenance, durability and the fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces are just some of the many benefits of our aluminium shutters.

Replace a traditional timber plantation shutter with a product that is more durable and with the added benefits of aluminum.  Aluminum shutters can be used in a number of ingenious ways; enclose a balcony, create an outdoor room, add locks and use as security screens, give strength and durability in high traffic areas with kids or pets.

  • Aluminium Shutters mean your investment will last
  • Aluminum Shutters help you maximize and utilize your indoor and outdoor living spaces and allow seamless living between spaces
  • Aluminum Shutters are versatile and can be ordered to fit any window or opening
  • Aluminum Shutters are strong and durable and can endure the extremes in weather and climate, whilst maximizing security

Not all aluminium shutters are created equal. In construction, our Weatherwell Standard range has a 1.4mm wall thickness, in comparison to many others composed of 1.2mm. Weatherwell Standard shutters offer around 15% more aluminium for the price. Delivering durability and strength, Weatherwell offers a stylish solution for outdoor, wet and high traffic areas with the durability to withstand the elements.

Available in a range of powdercoat colours, blade sizes and timber grain finishes, our Aluminium Shutters offer a variety of design options to suit your needs.


Coast Blinds and Shutters is proud to offer Plantation Shutters made by an Australian company, MYT. They are the only company manufacturing to Australian standards and specifications in China.

Outdoor rooms are at the heart of Australian living and the inherent durability of aluminium is perfect for these external spaces. Aluminium enhances protection from the elements and greatly reduces maintenance. Routine upkeep, such as sanding and painting, is simply removed when aluminium shutters are utilised for enclosures and screening, giving more time for living. Elegant and sturdy, aluminium is also a desirable inclusion for indoor areas and can be seamlessly incorporated to internal living. Wet areas and high traffic areas are also ideal.

As renovation costs increase and block sizes contract, it is highly desirable to create living space without extending the footprint of the home. Coast Blinds & Shutters’ Aluminium Shutters are an exceptional, cost-effective and visually stunning way to create additional living space - without incurring expensive build costs. Porches, pergolas, sunrooms and balconies can be enclosed and screened with shutters from our Weatherwell aluminium range, creating outdoor sanctuaries, offering year round protection from the elements, with no ongoing maintenance.