History of plantation shutters

Plantation shutters… there’s so much to say!

The history of plantation shutters
Many associate traditional plantation shutters with the historical height of the south, reminiscing about old plantations and huge, grandiose mansions. Although plantation shutters did gain their popularity and unique style during this time, shutters in general date back to ancient Greece.

Shutters were originally designed to serve three basic functions: light control, ventilation, and protection. Although they still serve these purposes today, modern shutters also serve a much more decorative function.

In ancient Greece, the first shutters were actually made of marble, not wood, making them quite solid and strong compared to other window coverings. Marble, as you could imagine, was quite difficult to work with and was not conducive to the average consumer at the time. With the rise of their popularity also came the rise of their efficiency, as wood-workers mastered their craft and improved design and functionality.

Throughout the years, shutters rose in popularity and even became an important royal accessory when Ling Louis XIV of France insisted on their presence in his domicile. They enabled the women to nap comfortably without shutting out air circulation and allowed the cooks to control the sunlight heating up the kitchen.

By the 18th and 19th century, the shutter fad had made it over to America. The south, in particular, adopted the trend and integrated shutters into the large plantation manors, hence the name “plantation shutters”. Southern plantations were known for their elegance and grandeur and shutters were an integral part of their design.


Plantation shutters today
Many today integrate shutters into their home for both the aesthetic aspect and the conveniences that they offer. Coast Blinds & Shutters’ Shutters come in many shapes and sizes and can be created using several different materials. Design flexibility is another convenience that shutters offer as they can be created to fit any unique space on the interior or exterior of your home.

There are numerous compelling reasons to opt for plantation shutters from Coast Blinds & Shutters over drapes or blinds. Shutters have a clean look to them and are very appealing as well as fashionable. In addition, many home buyers find shutters a plus when comparing potential homes which can make your investment pay off in the long run.

While good looks may have you ready to make the plunge, you may need a few more reasons to help you make a decision. If you have a partner living with you, not only will you have to convince yourself, you will likely need to convince your partner that ordering shutters is a smart move. Here are some reasons to make the shutter move:
No doubt, interior shutters are beautiful. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes as well as mounting options. As an interior design choice, you can’t go wrong by selecting timber or pvc plantation shutters from Coast Blinds & Shutters. They fit in with just about any interior décor and offer a clean, cohesive look throughout the home. You can paint them white for a traditional look or go for a natural stain. Remember that plantation shutters are seen from both the interior of your home as well as the exterior. If the exterior of your home is dark, white plantation shutters might not look as nice as stained ones from the outside. If the look of shutter feels too harsh, you can also add fabric window treatments to soften the look.

Interior shutters can be adjusted to let the light flow in, yet keep prying eyes out. This allows you to have privacy as well as light. If you angle them in such a manner, you can even see out, but others won’t be able to see in.

Want to let the fresh air inside yet maintain your privacy? Not only can you adjust the plantation shutters for maximum privacy and control the light coming in, you can open up the windows, let the air flow in, and then adjust the shutters for maximum ventilation - all without compromising your privacy.

Custom interior shutters from Coast Blinds & Shutters are durable and built to last. In addition, shutters come with a warranty. Because you won’t need to replace your shutters every few years, your initial investment will pay off over time. If you figure the cost of your shutters on a yearly basis, you may find that they are less expensive over the years than having to replace window coverings such as drapes or blinds periodically. Plus, plantation shutters never go out of style.

Easy to clean
Interior shutters are virtually maintenance-free. Use a damp cloth from time to time and wipe off the dirt, dust, and grime. In addition, you don’t need to take them down in order to clean them as you would with other types of window coverings. A quick wipe down is all you need. Shutters have a larger surface area making them easier to clean.

Energy savings
Shutters are excellent insulators as well as perfect for deflecting sunlight. Your energy bills will be lower when you have shutters installed. In addition, you can get motorised shutters for skylights or windows that receive full sun that open and close automatically to keep the sunshine from heating up your house. In the winter, the shutters provide an added layer of insulation. During the summer, you can adjust the shutters to deflect the sunshine so the rooms don’t heat up.

Child safety
Coast Blinds & Shutters’ Plantation shutters do not have dangling cords or strings that children or pets can get tangled up in, making them a safer alternative to blinds and drapes. Families with small children and babies don’t have to worry about their loved ones getting strangled in the window coverings when they have shutters installed. Shutters are a much safer alternative.

Plantation shutters can help preserve the life of furniture and carpets
You can leave the shutters in the up or semi-closed position to direct the sunlight away from furniture and carpets. The UV rays of the sun cause materials to fade over time, which significantly affects their attractiveness and useful lifespan. In addition to fading, fabrics can degrade. By keeping your furniture shaded, it will last longer and remain attractive and durable for years to come.

Plantation shutters can be used as room dividers or cabinetry
In addition to covering windows, shutters can also be installed over cutouts and niches in your home. For example, if your family room has a built-in TV niche that’s no longer needed because of today’s widescreen TV choices, consider using shutters as cabinet doors for an attractive new storage solution. Not only does this cover the hole in your wall and the clutter that’s sure to accumulate there, it looks nice and blends into the rest of the home. Another idea is to use plantation shutters to bulk up half-walls and pass-throughs that you may not like.

For information and shutter options from Coast Blinds & Shutters, please get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to help you make your vision a reality!

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