Ziptrak® Outdoor Awnings

Coast Blinds & Shutters are proud to bring you a huge range of Ziptrack outdoor patio and café awnings, suitable for a wide variety of applications around the home or commercial space.

Ziptrak outdoor blinds instantly create a brand new space in your home, ready to entertain family and friends at a moment’s notice. Protected at any time of the year, with a sense of seclusion and sanctuary, you’ll spend more time enjoying life outdoors.

Our Ziptrak outdoor blinds allow you to control airflow, light and temperature whilst remaining connected with nature. Relax and indulge in your own private retreat.

Our sealed blind system shields you, your patio and your furniture from wind, rain, dust, glare and insects.

Easy and fast operation
The track guided system is simple and safe to operate – no chains, ropes or pullies. Using our patented spring-balanced track system, the blind easily glides up and down, stopping in any position.

No zips, cords, ropes or wires.

Leave at any height
Ziptrak blinds can be left at any position along the track. Simply let the blind go, and it will stay at your desired height.

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Lightweight, simple operation
Astonishingly, most of the weight of the blind material disappears due to our patented spring-balanced system. Other blind systems don’t include a spring system, leaving you with all the heavy lifting – pushing and pulling a cumbersome blind along a track that resists and feels rough.

Locks into place
Ziptrak blinds have locking mechanisms which allows the blinds to be locked when fully down, providing a secure hold, even in windy conditions. With our unique Centre Lock Release you can unlock both the left and right locks simultaneously from the centre.

Up to 6 meters wide
Ziptrak outdoor blinds can be up to 6 meters wide, and 3.5 meters tall. The system will automatically include larger, stronger and additional components that make a 6m wide blind as robust and easy to lift as a 3m wide blind.